Why I Paint

Why I Paint

I was born in Switzerland and began traveling with my family before the age of one. As a child, I lived in Germany, France, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and finally San Diego California, where I still reside. I still love to travel which in part is what drives my passion for art. Whether I'm hiking in ...

Art That Inspires

So now you know why I paint. But why do people purchase an original work of art from me? There are many different reasons. A painting can remind you of a trip you took, a hike you walked, a place you want to visit, or you just want to add color and vibrancy to your home. Whatever the reason, if you love it, give ...


This was my second MLK purchase. It was exactly how it looked on-line. My house was completely lacking in color so I decided to add art instead of...  Read more
Jul 31, 2023
JK Lehman

MLKerr Art Highlights

  • Unique original art
  • Inspiring paintings
  • Acrylic, pastel & mixed media
  • Debit & credit cards accepted

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